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Why you should choose Pervasive Escrow?

Pervasive Escrow is Pasadena's preferred escrow service provider. We process residential and commercial real estate escrows. Located in Pasadena CA, and proudly servicing the San Gabriel and Los Angeles counties.

Escrow Process

Whether you are the buyer, seller, lender or borrower, you want the assurance that no funds or property will change hands until all of the instructions in the transaction have been followed. The escrow holder has the obligation to safeguard the funds and/or documents while they are in the possession of the escrow holder and to disburse funds and/or convey title only when all provisions of the escrow have been complied with.

  • Always low fees
  • Responsive customer service
  • Adaptive, smart, and efficient
  • Xlnt Coummunication

Affordable Escrow's

Up front Pricing

Loan Refinance Purchase
100k-200k $550 $2.00/$1000 + $250
200k-300k $650 $2.00/$1000 + $250
300k-400k $750 $2.00/$1000 + $250
> 500k $850 $2.00/$1000 + $250
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Escrow Pricing

Pervasive Escrow's purchase pricing is $2 for every $1000 of the purchase price + $250.

We believe that pricing should be up front, fair, and to the point.

Who chooses Pervasive Escrow?

  • Realtors
  • Lenders
  • Buyers
  • Sellers

Who are we and how it all got started. Our story.

Our workspace

Over a decade of experience!

A little history goes a long way!

Pervasive Escrow has been serving the Los Angeles and San Gabriel area for over 15 Years. We have been the most trusted independent escrow company in the area and have maintained our clientèle by providing concierge customer service. Pervasive Escrow is known in the Real Estate community for our high professional standards and ethics on each transaction.

Pervasive Escrow is managed by top escrow experts in the industry, each with their own area of focus to make sure each transaction is handled properly for our clients. With over 30 years of combined expertise in all facets of escrow, Pervasive Escrow is the escrow firm of choice for discerning clients and top real estate professionals in the Los Angeles and San Gabriel County cities. Our escrow officers are experts at all types of real estate transaction, including resale, refinance, commercial (industrial, office, multi-tenant) and bulk sales (business sales).

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